Mechanical services offered:

Oil change Radiator Transmission Timing belt and water pump

-Synthetic -Thermostat -Flushed -Timing chain replacement

-Regular -Hoses -Replacement -Adjustment

-Antifreeze -Clutch

Tune up Air conditioning tune

-Change air filter -Freon R12 Refill

-Spark plugs (NGK double platinum) -Expansion Valve

-Plug wires -Leak fix

-Distributor cap replacement

-EGR valve tune and adjustment

-Idle control adjustment (If necessary)

Wheel and Tire repair Brakes Suspension

-Rotated -Rotors -Struts

-Balanced -Pads -Spring replacement

-Nail removal -Calipers -Bearing and sway bar replacement

-Wheel replacement -ABS/Brake light

-Tire replacement

-Wheel and hub bearings

Radio Electrical Window

-Speakers -Fuse replacement -Regulator

-Head unit replacement -Brake lamp replacement -Motor

-Radio fix -Head light and turn signal replacement -Switch replacement

-Door lock

-Power mirror/window

-VSC/Check engine/TCS/Battery/Oil/Brake light

Miscellaneous Engine Fluids

-Windshield wipers -Bearings -Windshield

-Trunk/Hood/Fuel latch -Rods -Power steering

-Other please specify -Camshaft -Brake

-Sunroof -Crankshaft -Clutch

-Windshield replacement -Seals -Transmission

-Window replacement -Gaskets -Antifreeze

-Exhaust repair/replacement -Rebuild

-Trailer hitch installation -Aftermarket part installation (Turbo, Upgrades, etc.)

-Window tint

As you can see, we offfer a wide variety of services, ranging from repairs that will get your vehicle back up and running like replacing hydraulic hoses to simple cosmetic improvements. We always have toyota spare parts as well as the equipment necessary to perform any of the tasks listed above. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!