Mechanical services offered:

Oil change Radiator Transmission Timing belt and water pump

-Synthetic -Thermostat -Flushed -Timing chain replacement

-Regular -Hoses -Replacement -Adjustment

-Antifreeze -Clutch

Tune up Air conditioning tune

-Change air filter -Freon R12 Refill

-Spark plugs (NGK double platinum) -Expansion Valve

-Plug wires -Leak fix

-Distributor cap replacement

-EGR valve tune and adjustment

-Idle control adjustment (If necessary)

Wheel and Tire repair Brakes Suspension

-Rotated -Rotors -Struts

-Balanced -Pads -Spring replacement

-Nail removal -Calipers -Bearing and sway bar replacement

-Wheel replacement -ABS/Brake light

-Tire replacement

-Wheel and hub bearings

Radio Electrical Window

-Speakers -Fuse replacement -Regulator

-Head unit replacement -Brake lamp replacement -Motor

-Radio fix -Head light and turn signal replacement -Switch replacement

-Door lock

-Power mirror/window

-VSC/Check engine/TCS/Battery/Oil/Brake light

Miscellaneous Engine Fluids

-Windshield wipers -Bearings -Windshield

-Trunk/Hood/Fuel latch -Rods -Power steering

-Other please specify -Camshaft -Brake

-Sunroof -Crankshaft -Clutch

-Windshield replacement -Seals -Transmission

-Window replacement -Gaskets -Antifreeze

-Exhaust repair/replacement -Rebuild

-Trailer hitch installation -Aftermarket part installation (Turbo, Upgrades, etc.)

-Window tint